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Black & White or Color Sample Printer Test Page

With Printer Test Page, you can print a sample page in black and white or in color.

Color test pages and grayscale test pages are the two main types of printer test pages. Click on any of these buttons to print a single page to test the print quality of your PC or laptop printer.


About Printer Test Page

A printer test page is just a test print that shows how well your printer works and how many colors are coming out of the printer head. Almost all new printers have a feature that lets you print a test page to check for printer ink. This is called a “print quality check.”

If you don’t use your printer often, printing a printer test page every so often can help keep your ink cartridges in good shape and save you money in the long run.

How to do it depends on the brand of the Printer. Since there isn’t a single direct button, it’s hard to print directly from your printer. Brother, Canon, and Samsung printers have different security measures than HP and Epson printers. You’ll need a sample print test page to check the quality of your printing and avoid all this trouble.

Analyzing the Problem

You can use the Printer Test Page to find out what’s wrong. Issues include:

  1. Printer Status
    If your printer will print a test page but not other documents, you can be sure that the problem is not with the printer itself but with the system or the way the two work together.
  2. Inconsistent ink flow
    If a cartridge is broken, it may release ink in different amounts, which can change the strength of the lines and the way the colors mix.
  3. Blocked printheads
    A printhead is a part of a printer that helps move ink from the cartridge to the page. When printheads aren’t used often, dried ink can build up and block them, which makes printing less effective.
  4. Alignment issues
    If the cartridges aren’t sitting in the same place or if the printer’s mechanical parts are broken, the printed image may not match the image on the computer.

Color Test Pages

If your printer uses four or more colors, you should use color test pages. The following section is on most color test pages:

  • Color Intensities Graph
    Helps find duplicate colors and clean the printhead.
  • Rainbow Bars
    They help align the printhead and make sure that the printer isn’t leaking ink where it shouldn’t be.
  • Radial Gradients
    Checks to see if the printhead can print certain colors continuously. Weak radial gradients usually mean that the ink is running out in the cartridges.
  • Text Block
    Checks the printer’s ability to do one of the most common print jobs, as well as the ink flow and accuracy.

Grayscale Test pages

Test pages for grayscale show how well your black ink cartridge works. The following parts will be on most grayscale test pages:

  • Intensities Graph
    Flushes the printhead and makes it easier to find grayscale duplication.
  • Grid
    This helps the printhead get in the right place and makes sure that the printhead is printing correctly.
  • Radial Gradients
    Checks to see if the printhead can keep printing in different shades of gray. Weak radial gradients usually mean that the ink is running out in the cartridges.
  • Text Block
    Checks the printer’s ability to do one of the most common print jobs, as well as the ink flow and accuracy.

Printing Test Pages

When choosing a printer test page, you should make sure it gives you as much information as possible without wasting ink.

Printer Testing has both a Color Test Page and a Grayscale Test Page that can be changed to give you the most accurate information about your printer. Both Printer Test Pages will also give you:

  • Results, explanations, and how to fix problems
    Once you’ve printed your test page, you can use our helpful Printer Test Analysis to find out what the results mean and how to fix the problems.
  • Browser Printing
    When you choose one of the Printer Testing Test Pages above, the page opens in a web browser. This lets you print your test page without downloading or saving anything to your computer.

Printer Test Pages also make sure that you get a solid and complete analysis of your printer. The Printer Testing Test Pages give you:

  • Alignment Wheels
    Alignment wheels go one step further than rainbow bars and grids, giving you a more accurate way to set your alignment.
  • Ascending Text Block Sizes
    Text blocks show the current printer settings and scale by showing text in increasing font sizes.

If you click on the links above, you can print the Printer Testing Test Pages. You can also print default printer test pages from your computer or from the panel on your printer (only for select printers).

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