Canon IJ Scan Utility Error Codes

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IJ Scan Utility Error Codes

IJ Scan Utility Error codes

What is Printer Error Code?

Error codes often occur on a print device, this problem can happen accidentally, or other issues become a specific type of printer. In a printer, usually, a variety of things that underlie are such as electric current-voltage, misuse, inattention and in-depth maintenance, and much more. When you buy a printer, be it Canon inkjet printers, Epson, Brother, and other inkjet printers, all have different error risks.

This error code can help you to be able to take the right actions to overcome the problems that occur. Each error code contains a description of the type of problem that is happening with the printer.

Canon IJ Scan Error Codes

As of this writing, I am not discussing device errors, but with a software called Canon IJ Scan Utilities. If you get an error message for IJ Scan, check the error code, and follow the corresponding solution to resolve your problem.

152 – There is not enough memory.
The memory needed to start IJ Scan Utility cannot be obtained; Exit another application.

153 – The image you are trying to scan is a size that cannot be opened with the specified application.
Reduce the output resolution or size and scan again.

201 – A required file is missing or corrupt, or the settings are incorrect.
Remove MP Drivers, then reinstall MP Drivers from the Setup CD-ROM or download them here.

202 – An internal error has occurred.
Take the following actions.
– Check the scanner status.
– Restart the scanner.
– Restart the computer, then try again.
– Reinstall MP Drivers.

IJ Scan Error Codes

230 – The scanner driver that supports this software is not installed.
Reinstall MP Drivers from the Setup CD-ROM.

231 – Could not complete the scan. Insufficient disk space.
Delete unnecessary files on the hard disk and scan again.

232 – Could not save the file. The disc is protected from writing.
Cancel the protection or use another disk. Cancel write protection on the drive.

234 – This scan function is not supported on the selected model.
Select another scan function.

242 – Could not write a file.
Check the access permissions on the folder in the Folder to Save the File.

243 – Could not read a file.
Check the access permissions on the folder in the Folder to Save the File.

244 – You do not have the required privileges to access the specified folder.
Give access permission for the specified folder.

245 – Text could not be detected.
Make sure the Document Language in the Settings dialog box matches the language of the document and make sure there is text in the document.

Download The IJ Scan Utility

If you don’t have IJ Scan Utility software, you can download it here. But we strongly recommend downloading via the official website of Canon Inc.

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