Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool

Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool – Maintenance Tool (for Windows Only)


What is the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool?

Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool is application software made by Canon Inc. to perform printer maintenance or change Canon’s printer settings.

When the MP Drivers are installed, the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool is also installed. To install the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool, you can download it on this page.
Created as a Maintenance Tool, of course, there are very many benefits for users. To find out what can be done with this, see the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool Description.

How to get started

The Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool can be launched in the following way.

  1. Click the Maintenance and Preferences icon on the Maintenance driver’s printer tab.
  2. Click the IJ Printer Assistant Tool on Canon Utilities from All applications (All apps) (or Applications (Apps), All Programs (All Programs)) in the Windows Start menu.

IJ Printer Assistant Tool


This file is the software that changes the printer settings and performs maintenance.

System Requirements

Windows 10 (32/64bit)
Windows 8.1(32/64bit)
Windows 7 SP1 or later(32/64bit)

File Details

File version: 1.20.1
File Size: 8 MB
File name: pat_-win-1_20_1-ea34_2.exe


Download / Installation Procedures

  1. Download the file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings.
  2. Double-click the downloaded EXE file to decompress it; then installation will start automatically.

Windows ButtonApplicable Models

The IJ Printer Assistant Tool software applies to the following printer models:

PIXMA E200 series
PIXMA E300 series
PIXMA E3100 series
PIXMA E4200 series
PIXMA G1400 series
PIXMA G1500 series
PIXMA G2400 series
PIXMA G2500 series
PIXMA G3400 series
PIXMA G3500 series
PIXMA G4400 series
PIXMA G4500 series
PIXMA G5000 series
PIXMA G6000 series
PIXMA GM2000 series
PIXMA TR4500 series
PIXMA TR7500 series
PIXMA TR8500 series
PIXMA TS200 series
PIXMA TS300 series
PIXMA TS3100 series
PIXMA TS5100 series
PIXMA TS6100 series
PIXMA TS6200 series
PIXMA TS700 series
PIXMA TS8100 series
PIXMA TS8200 series
PIXMA TS9100 series
PIXMA TS9500 series